A new banking world

Propelled by a strong desire to reinforce exemption, transparency, and simplicity in financial activities, nBanks emerged. A platform that aggregates essential banking services that save time and resources to every kind of business and accountants. This is the independent Open Banking. Welcome to nBanks!

Our mission is to transform cash management for every kind of business, with unbiased, clear and centralized information, simplifying accountability processes and simultaneously impacting positively in the environmental economy with disruptive technology that is available to everyone.


Ricardo vieira

Co-founder an CTO

Orlando Gomes Costa

Co-founder an CEO

Nuno Oliveira

Co-founder an CFO

The team

Fernando Mazzocchi
Head of Development
Diogo Coelho
Fullstack Developer
César Pinheiro
Intern Developer
Diogo de Almeida
Fullstack Developer
João Samões
Intern Developer
Diogo Pinto
Intern Developer
João Ferrão
Digital Marketing
Samuel Franzen

Social Responsibility Policy

To provide a constant evolution of your activity, based in a socially responsible plan of action, nBanks chose to operate in the essential areas:

Financial Literacy

It’s decisive to reinforce the levels of financial literacy throughout the population, to better comprehend the existing offer of banking products and services, as well as dealing with the negotiations of banking products. This principle is materialized through the Media Center area, which is constantly powered by various types of content, like news and articles and the regular appearance in conferences and academic seminars.

Investigation and Development

Intending to amplify financial knowledge, nBanks takes advantage of the important academic and investigational role that universities connected to economy, finance and management represent, with which we’ve been establishing partnerships. Beyond presenting the best practices in every university, we want to work together with students to explore new ways of developing the business market.

Human Resources

The diversity of knowledge, know-how and professional experience present in the nBanks team make use of the different hard and soft skills from the several members to enrich the value proposition presented to our clients. We guide young professionals in the business market with the transmission of values, principles, and knowledge that enables their quick integration in the corporative context.

Innovation and technology

The services presented are developed internally from Scratch, so that we can provide our clients with the safest and most flexible solution to their needs. Having the client as our focus, nBanks constantly seeks for the possibility of giving total control over the operations and transmitting every piece of information possible so that our clients can make their own decisions in an independent and calculated way.

Sustainable development

The evolution of the nBanks services has by principle the compliance with the 17 Objectives of sustainable development presented by the United Nations. Besides making use of social equity to promote freedom of choice and obtain essential information to make good decisions, we leverage a high volume of paper saving and other compounds with the digital archive that we provide to our customers. 

We also facilitate a significant saving of fuel to our clients, by reducing substantially the number of relocations that they normally would have to take in the unfolding of their labor activity, particularly in the treatment and delivery of accountability documents.

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